SxSW ’08 Redux via Epistolary Rumination

Dear Chris, Chaals, and Brendan,

Thank you. For two years, you’ve put up with my jittery nagging a few hours before the panel, and for two years, it has rocked.

Dear Apple,

We really missed you. Our “Browser Wars” panel at SxSWi ’08 was standing room only, with people lining up outside who couldn’t get in. We discussed stuff that was really relevant to Safari, touching on mobility, standards, security, JavaScript, and stuff like that — PC Mag has a rough record of the conversation. People love your stuff — the MacBook Pro and the iPhone were ubiquitous at the Austin Convention Center. And while you are open in your standards participation (working groups like Web API and HTML conduct business in the open), and while you are candid on the Surfin’ Safari Weblog, it would be great if your PR / Marketing department could let you come out and play with us. Maybe next year?

Dear SxSWi 2008 Organizers,

You gave us a great time slot this year (thanks, Hugh!) — 2PM on Monday, which beats last year’s early morning time slot. And I recognize that organizing this conference is tough, and you guys do a great job every year. But maybe if we do this next time, you could get us a bigger room? People were literally turned away this year. Maybe if we had a bigger room, like some of the other panels, this wouldn’t be the case? Designers and developers are deeply interested in browsers and Web technology — they are fundamental to the often odd trade we ply.

Dear SxSWi Audience,

Thank you. You make the show, every year. You’ve shown that you will stage an insurrection if you aren’t treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for the great questions and the spirited hallway discussions. Thank you for discussing broader societal things as well, like gender bias, with such insightful analysis. May our tribe prosper, but prosper equitably.

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  1. Wow…this is pretty great praise from PC Magazine “And, as it was last year, it’s the best SXSW panel I’ve seen this year.”. Congrats…but then I always knew that.

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